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Introducing our Beaded Name Bracelet, a personalized accessory that combines the beauty of beaded craftsmanship with the sentimentality of a name. Handcrafted with care, each bracelet is adorned with vibrant and delicate beads, carefully arranged to spell out your chosen name. This unique piece serves as a stylish and meaningful way to showcase your individuality or create a heartfelt gift for someone special. Our Beaded Name Bracelet is a charming addition to any wrist, allowing you to carry a personalized touch wherever you go.

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the name bracelet is fun and playful bracelet that can list your name, kids name or any other meaningful name to you. each bracelet has the capacity to list only one name. i make name bracelets with a random assortment of beads but you have the option to choose a color theme of neutrals, pastels, white, black or bold colors. order a semi-custom name bracelet and you can expect it to be shipped within 2 weeks. each name bracelet is semi-custom meaning it is made to order with the name you provide.

disclaimer: please be mindful when submitting spelling of name for your order. the name you would like on this bracelet needs to be entered in the “order notes” section at the bottom of the “checkout” payment page. when ordering multiple name bracelets please clarify which color option needs to match each name.


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