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tracy anderson is my queen…

nothing else will do once you’ve tried tracy anderson. my before and afters will blow your mind.

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i’ve always been a girl who was addicted to fitness classes like yoga and barre. covid lockdown changed that. eventually i jumped on the Tracy Anderson virtual class trend, but had no expectations. no joke i have never had a program or class that is so effective mentally and physically. TA’s virtual class leaves me feeling mentally soothed. She doesn’t talk or provide verbal cues during the classes. you’re left to battle your own mind finding the strength within to work through exercises and enjoy an amazing playlist. after 90 days of consistent virtual TA classes i was in the best shape of my life. i had a flat stomach for the first time in my life! as some who was a dancer most of my youth and is familiar with consistent exercise i’ve never had a flat stomach. at age 33 i honestly had given up on pursuing a flat stomach and was blown away.

listen me when i say try her classes because you will not regret it! tracy has a cult following and now i know why!

fair warning the first class is awkward because she focuses on a ton of non traditional moves requiring coordination. once you master the unfamiliar movements it begins to feel natural and undeniably amazing.

pro tip: although the movements are non traditional it’s easier on my joints than any other exercise. this is a non negotiable in my training routine for my metal and physical health.

helps: flexibility, coordination, endurance, strength training, muscle toning and mental health

before & after
left:before / right:after

fitness & recovery essentials

for those days you wake up sore after an amazing TA session my go to is a black racquet ball for a quick tension release massage. or a nice theraband stretching session to work out any muscle tightness.




as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned to appreciate the bible hair products that prevent my hair from falling out from stress or breaking off from the dry climate i live in. these are my must haves that i never get sick of. if you’re on a budget here’s how i’d prioritize your purchases.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. olaplex bond maintenance kit
  2. olaplex shampoo
  3. olaplex conditioner
  4. olaplex hair oil
  5. olaplex purple shampoo
  6. olaplex hair perfecter
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