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fair warning here is my rant on work from home. i am a firm believer in the work from home model. personally i preform better at home. hear out my reasoning…

  1. no distractions. in the office people talk all day long and some people are loud af. it’s super distracting. with out distractions i work faster and more accurately. i don’t want to hear about your in laws visiting or what slang make you sound old vs. not. well guess what if you are having these conversations you probably are old, but nothing is wrong with that just accept who you are and love yourself. which brings me to my next point
  2. office politics are toxic. it kills my soul slowly to have to engage in the office politics. instead of pleasing people’s egos with insincere niceties i would rather be at home getting my work done in my emotionally safe, personalized and controlled environment. it goes back to the saying if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. well that is impossible in a corporate office to not say anything so the default becomes a watered down version of the truth. i’d rather be at home where i can just say nothing at all. it’s better for everyone’s mental health.
  3. a heavier weight is placed on quality of work when everyone is work from home. i would rather be evaluated for my quality of work rather than how confidently i can bullshit presentations and office politics. we begin to focus on true deliverables and actionable instead of status symbols related to your position. it curbs the power trips.
  4. my mental health improves because there is a better balance of dynamics at work and in my personal life. work becomes more realistic and less fake in hand reducing my stress. this allows a higher metal capacity on a daily basis. stress fatigue diminishes and i can use my new found energy to work on my personal life. and the end result is i show up for myself and work on a daily basis in a better state of mine. where as in working in an office my personal needs have to take a back seat.
  5. at home i eat healthier being able to prepare fresh meals for breakfast, lunch and prep for dinner. with lower stress levels i have minimal stress related binging. idk about you but no matter how hard i try to meal prep for work i never get it just right. and let’s call offices out for always having horribly unhealthy snacks. if you don’t have a lunch and have meetings through lunch all you have to eat are those snacks where as at home you can grab something quickly to hold you over.
  6. let’s talk gas… inflations is killing me and commuting to work 4 days a week up a mountain pass is a huge loss. with the poor economy we aren’t getting raises, my pay isn’t going as far with inflation and on top of that paying for gas is taking my pay to less than i made last year.
  7. i get more time back with out a commute. this is the time i use to work out. since i’ve been back in the office my workout routine has suffered because of all the above items i end the day exhausted. by the time i get home it’s either work out or be able to make a fresh dinner.
  8. ok executives let’s get with the times and stop having a power trip. coming to the office is essentially requiring employees to partake in an adult daycare. it has been proven that a majority of the population is more effective at home. so it disgusts me that executives are using back to office as an ego boost to see all their workers ‘hard at work’ and a justification for spend on office spaces at the cost of the little people.
  9. have executives forgotten about COVID? even after being vaccinated i have now caught COVID at the office 2x. requiring people to come to the office puts pressure on employees to show up even when sick. this pressure to be in office can even be compounded if your office has toxic work environment where people/managers/executives are judging you on showing up to work in person or making showing up to work in office mandatory.
  10. bottom line going back to the office in my personal experience has not improved my life. going back to the office has taken my work life balance and mental health to a place that’s just as unhealthy as it was before COVID. have we not learned anything? it infuriates me that corporations are pushing back to office for their gains in exchange for deteriorating societies well being. i’m for the people not the corporations and i truly believe they are making us go back to the office because employees had too much power when working from home. opening the job market to remote gave people the ability to change jobs and improve quality of life by being able to make decisions based on their needs not what desperate acts of bending over backwards to follow a career or put money in the bank. corporations don’t like that. fuck em.

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