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What is an aura? Well LET-ME-TELL-YOU.

Aura Quiz: (link)

The aura is an unseen energy bubble surrounding each person at all times giving off a color based on the type of energy you are channeling. Each color in your aura represents a different type of energy which often can be tied back to the mindset and personality you are giving off to the world. Your aura will constantly change throughout life as your energy evolves, but you will usually see one to two colors that constantly appear.  Each aura color has what are seen as positive and negative traits which can be seen by the shade of the color you are projecting. 

Your aura can be read in several different ways. There are aura readings, aura quiz and aura photography. 

  • Red: Root Chakra
    • Root chakra is stable and unblocked, you are self confident, fiery, passionate, physicality, strength, determination, groundedness, strong, passionate, hardworking, grounded, literal, raw courage, sensual, honest
  • Orange: Sacral Chakra
    • Creative, independent, adventurous and will need to learn the hard way by doing not from theory. Resourceful, strategic, loves testing physical limits, excitement, vitality, thrill seeking, leadership, confidence, mentally focused, overcomes challenges 
  • Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Attracts a lot of different types of people with your magnetic personality. Energetic, confident, empowered,  fun loving, sensitive, optimism, laughter, freedom, inspiration, creativity, happy, free spirited, generous, connects with nature + animals 
  • Green: Heart Chakra
    • Open heart with the ability to be easily influenced by your environment or people. Often love nature and music. Has a healing personality that is focused in generosity, service, responsibility, love of nature, healing, organized, entrepreneurial, highly intelligent,  driven, successful, perfectionist, empowers others, ability to accomplish goals
  • Blue: Throat Chakra
    • Has a powerful mind but will need to remember to ground themselves. Strong in communication, insightful, self-expression, emotional depth,, clarity, loving, nurturing, compassion, sensitive, forgiving, caretaker 
  • Indigo:
    • Empathetic and sensitive person who takes on the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others. Wisdom, insight, sensitivity, deep inner knowing, wise, intuitive, belief in higher ideals + principles, peaceful, creative, non judgemental, spiritually gifted, sensitive, enlightened consciousness, the darker the indigo the more sensitive
  • Purple: Third Eye Chakra
    • Strongly Intuitive to the point of having empath and/or psychic abilities, In touch with your higher consciousness, visionary qualities, spiritual awareness, artistic, creative, loves taking chances, enjoys travel, leader, charismatic, humanitarian, inspirational to others, big ideas, empath 
  • Pink: Heart Chakra
    • living from the heart, kind, caring, compassionate, but needs boundaries 
  • Tan:
    •  Detail oriented, cautious, private, calm, clean, logical, intuitive, committed, values love, analytical, controlled
  • White: Crown Chakra
    • Rare color aura that means you have a quick mind, perfectionism and nervous energy with a strong understanding and connection to something larger than yourself
  • Black:
    • Not an aura color but rather an absence of color giving you a sign that you are exhausted, fatigued, in need of time to heal and ground yourself so that you can rebalance your chakras bringing them back to color
  • Rainbow:
    • You are in a super busy segment of your life in the middle of change. It can be energizing and provide extra confidence which can provide an opportunity to get out and meet new people that you usually wouldn’t attract by trying new things. Be careful not to burn out by taking time for relaxation and self care as you move through these significant changes in life. 

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